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Join the PKC and begin accumulating National points for tournament competition. Finish the season in the top ten of your division and you will be recognized by the organizaton and your peers as a PKC Champion at the annual Awards Ceremony!!!


Membership also carries other benefits. Many PKC promoters give members discounts for seminars and tournament competition. You may become a member by signing up online. Your payment of MC, Visa or DEBIT will be processed online with email confirmation or download and fill out application and mail check or money order. Here are some other benefits of becoming a member of PKC Region #7:

  • Published Rulebook
  • Discounted entry fees for members
  • Membership Card, Patch and Certificate
  • Local and Regional Seminars
  • PKC Referee & Judge Certification
  • Internationally recognized Rank Certification
  • National Team Competition
  • National Ratings for PKC Competitors
  • Annual PKC Region VII Awards Ceremony

Lifetime Membership Individuals can become a lifetime member of the PKC by submitting an application to PKC Headquarters. After approved he/she will be sent 2 gold patches along with a gold certificate, lapel pin and laminated membership card with personal ID#. These items will be renewed periodically for the life of the membership.


Contact our Regional office for additional information


The PKC has initiated a Referee Certification program for point tournaments. With this program the PKC has prepared extensive tests in this area to be taken by Black Belts who care to upgrade their officiating abilities.


PKC Referee Certification includes PKC ID Card, Rule Book, Referee Patch and Certificate. Corner Referee must be a minimum of 18 yrs old, Advanced Belt or Black Belts. Center Referee must be minimum of 21 yrs old, Black Belt must have at least 1 yr experience as a Corner Referee.




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